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After a successful career as a portfolio manager, managing multibillion portfolios, I decided to use my investment insight to help you to understand the economy and fundamental investment concepts. On this personal website, I am sharing with you my professional investor’s knowledge!

Laffer Curve Explained and Debunked!

Laffer Curve Explained and Debunked!

Public debts are ballooning all around the world. And, after the coronavirus pandemic, the question will be how to handle them. One way to try to reduce the debt is through tax increases. The Laffer curve tries to model how tax rates influence the government’s revenue and the economic activity. What is the Laffer curve, and is it an accurate model of government earnings?

JPMorgan Chase Q1 Earnings [Q1 2020]

JPMorgan Chase Q1 Earnings [Q1 2020]

JPMorgan Chase & Co., the U.S. banking giant, reported its first-quarter profit and revenue for 2020. The earnings per share went down to $0.78 and they provisioned $6.8 billion to protect themselves from loan losses.

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