Do you know you may have money you are not aware of, belonging to you, or to a relative, or a friend? States hold billions of dollars of unclaimed property, unclaimed money, waiting until the rightful owner shows up.

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A little story first

By the end of this post you will know how to check, in ten seconds, if you have money sitting in your state treasurer coffers, and the best part is that it is free. Or maybe one of your relative, a brother, an aunt, your parents may be entitled to get back money belonging to them. Or it can even be a friend. Imagine, today you can be the hero by giving good news to them!

Why am I so confident? Because, just a few days ago, I was in a room with about twenty people, and when they learned that they may have money waiting for them and how to check it, everybody grabbed her or his phone. And guess what, in literally a few seconds, four or five persons found either money belonging to them, or a relative! So I think that for every ten views, maybe less frequently, but probably more often, a viewer will find money belong to him or her, a relative, or a friend. And it can be you!

By the way, I said to myself maybe I can check if some of my friends have some unclaimed money. The first friend’s name did not return a result. Then I wrote the name of another friend and bingo! I have a nice surprise for him!

How your money get lost

How can we misplace money so that it can be lost? Even if we all work hard to get it, it is unbelievably easy not to keep track of all of it. And it ends up in states’ coffers, tens of billions dollars.

When you interact with businesses, banks, insurances, governments, and other entities, you may sometimes overpay, or just be owed money. This is where unclaimed property laws kick in. Those entities, if they fail to return you the money, have to turn it to the state. Each year, it is billions of dollars. For example, in 2015, states collected nearly $8 billion, and only slightly more than $3 billion were returned to their rightful owners by the states’ unclaimed property agencies!

In the 20 person room example I gave you, I recall that one person had overpaid something at her university, and she had hundreds of dollars waiting for her! What a nice payoff for ten seconds spent! And another person found money belonging to her aunt if I recall correctly.

Do not pay a “finder” fee!

One last thing before I show you how to do it, sometimes you may be contacted by somebody who claims he can help you to locate unclaimed property, for a fee. You do not have to do that. Checking if you have unclaimed money is free, and you can do it quickly yourself. You do not have to pay a “finder” fee!

How to find and claim you unclaimed property/money, fast and for free!

Unclaimed Property | Your money you don't know you have! 2

You go to; this is the National Associations of Unclaimed Property Administrators’ website. It is an affiliate of the National Association of State Treasurers. So it is a legit website, totally free.

Unclaimed Property | Your money you don't know you have! 3

On the home page, you have a map of the United States, Canada, and even Kenya. All U.S. states, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and several Canadian provinces are available.

If you click on your state, you will go directly to the unclaimed property website of your state. Or you will get a link to click if your state’s website does not open automatically. Find the Unclaimed Property Search menu, and now you can search for unclaimed money. The only thing you need to provide is the last name. If you find something belonging to you, claim it! It is so easy!

Unclaimed Property | Your money you don't know you have! 4

To find an unclaimed property in California, it is the link “Search for Unclaimed Property” on the main page.

Unclaimed Property | Your money you don't know you have! 5

For Texas, just fill out the form directly on the landing page.

Unclaimed Property | Your money you don't know you have! 6

For Florida’s website, there is a big “Start your search” button.

Unclaimed Property | Your money you don't know you have! 7

New Jersey, there is a link “Search for Unclaimed Property,” or you can use the menu “Claims”.

Unclaimed Property | Your money you don't know you have! 8

And for New York, look they say they have sixteen billion, there is a big “Search now” button. It is so easy, go check out your state’s unclaimed property website!

I hope you will get a pleasant surprise!

How to perform a multi-state search

Unclaimed Property | Your money you don't know you have! 9

You can also do a multi-state search on, though not all states participate. You have to look on the displayed map to find out if a state you are interested in is not in the database.

Unclaimed Property | Your money you don't know you have! 10

In that case, you will have to go to the state’s website.

Unclaimed Property | Your money you don't know you have! 11

And, as with state’s websites, on, the only required field is the last name.

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