Let me tell you a story. Often, when I talk to people, one thing strikes me. And at some point in our lives, we are all subject to the same roadblocks.

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By All Means, Try Something!

We all have dreams. And you and I, we share surely the same kind of goals about how we want to live next year, or in ten years. How successful we want to be. Or how financially comfortable we want to be. It can be anything we as human beings want to achieve in our life.  

The primary showstopper

Do you know what the primary showstopper we encounter in achieving these goals is?

It is usually not the lack of knowledge about what we should do! On the contrary, I find that most people know what they should do. What strikes me the most is how many people do not take steps to achieve their dreams.

Today, I twitted a quote for the day, as I do in the morning for quotes that have a profound meaning for me. The quote is from Franklin D. Roosevelt: “Take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly, and try another. But by all means, try something”.

It is the foundation I base my life on, and you should think about it too, for your personal life, your business adventures and your investing!

Act on your knowledge!

For example, I meet people that dream of achieving financial freedom. And even though they know that real estate is a great way to be able to retire early, with a passive income, they do not act on that knowledge. Or they don’t invest in the stock market or not enough in regards to what they can do. My point is: they stay in their comfort zone, and do not try something new.

What I love about this quote is that it emphasizes that each endeavor we start will not succeed, but we have to try again, and again! Until one day we make it.

Building your success is not a straight path.

As I said in my post, “Who Am I,” I managed billions. But it didn’t mean I did not have my share of failures. Years ago, I launched an online toy store while still being a portfolio manager. It failed. Despite time, efforts, and money spent. I launched a hedge fund, but it is so hard to attract money from investors. You know Bernie Madoff did such damage to the trust in the financial sector that a lot of new fund managers cannot attract money anymore. So even if the investment strategy was sound, I consider it failed.

However, in retrospect, I am happy with everything I did. First, overall, I am successful, even with some small mishaps along the road. Secondly, I learned a lot, and it makes me better at what I do today. And it drives me to share with you guys my experience.

Try something new today!

And about trying something new, look, I created a YouTube’s channel. just for that purpose. Will it be successful? I don’t know. Sure I have some challenges to overcome! I know I have an accent, and it makes it harder for me to convey a clear message. And I may sometimes incorrectly use the English language, make some small mistakes. I need you to be forgiving!

You know, I try to see things positively, this is why I make those posts and videos. I know they will help somebody, somewhere, to achieve her or his dreams. This is my creed. So no matter the challenges, I do it anyway. I could have tried to lose, or at least make it more bearable, my accent before starting to record my first video. But it would have been an excuse, since I may have ended up not making anything at all. I am not afraid of trying something. Some people, like you, will like what I do, and I am thankful for that. And some other people will not like what I do, I will learn from their comments, and try to improve and grow personally, but it is not stopping me.

Stay focused on learning and growing!

So my main message is: even if you fail sometimes, you have to continue trying. You will make mistakes, and sometimes, they will be painful. But each time, you learn something new, increasing your next endeavor’s chances of success.

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